Clogged sinuses? Need a "wake me up" in the morning? Try placing one of these shower steamers in your shower (away from indirect stream, perhaps on a soap ledge) and enjoy the soothing menthol and essential oils.


More fragrances to come soon!


*Currently available in Inhale Blend (Peppermint and Eucalyptus), Peppermint, Wake Me Up (wild orange and peppermint) and Wintergreen.


Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, corn starch, menthol crystals, rubbing alcohol, essential oils. Peppermint also contains FD&C blue 1 dye; Wake Me Up contains FD&C yellow 6 dye; Wintergreen contains FD&C blue 1, FD&C blue 5 dyes.


*Note: as these steamers are made with essential oils, please keep out of reach of children. Children under age 10 should avoid using Eucalyptus; children under age 6 should avoid using Peppermint; children under age 10 should avoid using Wintergreen.


Shower Steamers--Set of Two

Fragrance One
Fragrance Two